Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The danger of buying new tech immediately

It seam that the new 2011 MacBook Pro 15" & 17" models "freezes or becomes unresponsive to input when under heavy load" in fact the issue is so widespread and troublesome that an entire 'wiki' has been made for it at

The details of the issue is not what I want to discus here, what I want to talk about is the danger of buying new tech immediately. Apple, Canon, Nikon, Adobe and every other company on earth make a huge deal about getting you revved up to buy immediately each time they come out with a new product. Personally I dread it because when you work on set everything needs to work and work flawlessly! This is not to say that I don't like the new stuff, I just don't go out and buy it immediately, I wait to see what issues come out on the blogs, and there are almost always some issues. "Freezes or becomes unresponsive to input when under heavy load" I would be devastated if I grabbed a new MBP and jumped on a plane for say Patagonia for a 2 week long shoot only to find that every time I try and process or open a large file my computer crashes!

Personally I really like to buy refurbished Apple Computers when I can because they go threw them and test them more extensively than a just off the assembly line computer, not to mention you can save some CA$H (around $800 on the MBP above) I have not had any issues with a referb yet! I have had and dealt with many issues on new computers and they normally come to the surface pretty quick.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mac OSX 10.6.7 now available via Software Update (backup first)

Time to run your Software Update but first back up your disk so if something goes wrong with the update you can revert. Be sure to read my last post "Back up before "routine" maintenance" before you do your Software Update's.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back up before "routine" maintenance

You can save yourself countless agony, loss and time (time is money) by backing up your system volume at key times. So may times we get a phone call and the quote is basically the same, 'my computer was working fine and now xyz is happening.' Then we spend 15-20mins going threw what the caller had been doing in the weeks, days, hours before xyz started happening, almost every time it is due to an update or new software.

The basic rule that we use is before any update, upgrade, new program installation or anything that might change the current setup of the system. NOW DON'T STOP READING. How you back up can be just as important as when you back up. Apple's Time Machine is a great consumer tool for backing up but professionals be warned. With Time Machine if you do something to your system that 'corrupts' it Time Machine will back it up AUTOMATICALLY as well. This makes getting your system easily back to it's previously peachy state difficult.

So what do you do, CLONE! We prefer Carbon Copy Cloner, Do it manually, NOT AUTOMATICALLY for the reasons above. You want a complete bootable exact copy of your disk that was made when everything was working hunky dory. So if you clone you disk when its working well, right before you update, upgrade, install a new program or do anything that might change the current setup of the system and something goes wrong or doesn't work right (which happens often). Then all you have to do is clone the back up back to your system drive and reboot and your good to go. Also once you are confident that the change to your system is stable back it up again.