Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1Ds Mark III / WFT-E2A missing instruction!

I recently got to use the canon WFT-E2A wireless transmitter, tethered via Ethernet which is great but there is a missing step that I would like to share. In the new EOS utility make sure you go under preferences and make sure you check the bottom box; Register WFT Pairing Software in Login Options.

Also FTP is faster!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Up high with Vincent Laforet

We had the pleasure of working with Vincent Laforet in San Francisco. Vincents work is quite unique his high angle perspectives are very cool, you may have seen his work in National Geographic in February in the story about the drying of the west. Vincent is also a huge Aperture guy check out his video about him shooting the Chrysler Building also his article on apple about him working.

In order to capture the image for the shoot we ran two 150' cat 6 cables up to the cherry picker, the first to send the image from the 1Ds Mark III and the second so the laptop in the lift could use Apple Remote Desktop to see what was going on in the van. This way it was only the Photographer and the operator in the lift, the Art director and the clients could hang out in the van and watch the shoot.

With a 3am call time and a very limited time frame to shoot on the embarcadero being able to show up and be ready to shoot by the time we pull the parking brake, and being able to drive off seconds after the shoot is invaluable. Spend more time shooting and less time setting up and breaking down! After we finished shooting we were escorted by San Francisco's finest to Pier 34 to finish the post production.

A week with Chase Jarvis

I just spent a week in San Diego with the crew at Chase Jarvis Inc. He is quite an inspirational person as well as photographer, I first ran into him at Brooks Institute of Photography when he came to speak about his photography. What impressed me was not only his photography but also his openness about the business and everything he does, a lot of photographers are very closed about how they do things for some irrational fear of someone stealing their method,. Chase Jarvis puts all this information on his blog so people can have intelligent conversations about it, and learn! I have also seen this secretive operation in the digital teching industry and I say ask us anything and we will tell you how we do it!

Chase with his #1 Scott

They don't get that much sun up in Seattle

Cody the man with the video cam

The whole crew watching the sunset at Sunset Cliffs

Chase and his wonderful Wife / Producer Kate

The Van hanging out at sunset cliffs

Working away, nothing like a 5am Call time

Its good for parties too!

I like this shot thank you Chase!

The van multitasking

The crew at the van